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Genuine Acura MDX Accessories

The Acura MDX provides our customers with great satisfaction as a best-selling Honda luxury crossover. For many different reasons, Acura MDX drivers want their luxury crossover to stand out from the crowd. At Vern Eide Acura of Sioux Falls, we want to provide our customers with a broad range of genuine accessory options to ensure that their vehicle stands out. MDX drivers can use genuine accessories to align their luxury crossover’s features with different driving habits, environmental conditions, and personalities. Since all drivers are unique, it is our job to provide our customers with all Acura MDX genuine accessories at the Vern Eide Acura Sioux Falls service center.


Why do Acura MDX owners buy genuine accessories?


Acura MDX drivers often tell us that they have specific reasons for purchasing genuine accessories for their luxury crossover:


  • Accessories help express their personality
  • Wanting their vehicle to stand out
  • Install exterior features, such as bike attachment, roof mount kayak attachment, alloy wheels, cover, or spoiler
  • Improve interior performance and style with floor mats, cargo cover, or cargo net
  • Improve electronics, such as an engine block heater, remote engine starting, satellite radio, or backup sensor

Acura MDX Genuine Accessories


Our team of Honda certified technicians can install genuine accessories on any new or used Acura MDX. Genuine accessories can help our customers improve, maintain, and provide a personal look for any Acura MDX.


Installing genuine Acura MDX accessories is only one way to guarantee that an accessory will perform as expected. Genuine accessories have been designed by Acura according to your crossover’s unique specifications. Generic aftermarket products do not offer a performance guarantee as they have not been rigorously tested to ensure the best fit and look.


Bring your new or used Acura MDX to the Vern Eide Acura service center to explore your vehicle’s customization options. We only carry genuine Acura MDX accessories that meet all material standards and specifications. The Vern Eide Acura service center in Sioux Falls has a team of professional Acura certified technicians that can help any Acura MDX driver select and install genuine Acura MDX accessories.

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