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Alternator Repair Service

Your vehicle’s alternator is a crucial part of its electrical system. Its key role is to provide power to the starter, ignition, and all other electronic parts and accessories in your car. Without a fully operational alternator, your vehicle simply wouldn’t run.


As a responsible driver, you’ll want to have your alternator serviced at the first indicator of trouble.


6 Signs of a Failing Alternator  

  1. The Indicator Light – Your vehicle may be equipped with a warning light on the dashboard titled “ALT” or “GEN.” This is often the first indicator that your alternator is going bad. Don’t ignore this.   
  2. Headlights are Dim or Flickering – The alternator provides power to the headlights, so flickering usually means your alternator is struggling to perform.
  3. Other Electrical Failures – When your alternator is struggling, various electronic systems may also start to fail. This can include power windows, power locks, dashboard lights, air conditioning, and even your radio.
  4. Strange Noises – Alternator failure can sometimes cause some of the bearings to fall into the engine, creating an unusual rattling noise.
  5. Vehicle Stalls or Has Difficulty Starting – Your vehicle doesn’t just run on gasoline. It runs on electricity, even if it isn’t an electric or hybrid vehicle. Your alternator provides power to the spark plugs that ignite the gasoline in your engine. When your alternator is failing, there may not be enough power in the spark plugs to keep the engine going. This can cause your vehicle to stall or sputter.
  6. Battery Dies – Batteries sometimes die on their own for various reasons. However, a bad alternator can actually cause the battery to drain because it’s failing to recharge it.


For drivers in and around Sioux Falls, Vern Eide Motorcars is the number one option for Alternator service. We provide full services, and will always restore your vehicle to exact factory specifications.


For your convenience, we have multiple locations in the Sioux Falls area, making it easy to select a service provider near you. And each of these locations operates under the EIDE Effect. That means the staff at all Vern Eide Motorcars will treat one another and our customers the way we would like to be treated. Your safety is our priority, so you can trust we will always use the very best parts and fluids when working on your car, van, truck, or SUV.


If you are more of the do-it-yourself type, you can also shop Vern Eide Motorcars to purchase any parts and products you need to repair or replace your Alternator on your own. Order your parts online by submitting a parts request form or shop in person at our onsite parts departments. If we don’t have what you’re looking for on hand, a member of our team will order your desired parts for you.


Trust Vern Eide Motorcars with all your Alternator service needs!

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