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Headlight Restoration Service

Modern headlight lenses are made of a clear, highly-durable plastic or some other similar material. At the manufacturer, a special coating is applied on top of this material to protect it from harmful UV rays, exhaust fumes, and other contaminants your vehicle contacts on the road.


Like many aspects of your vehicle, this coating requires occasional maintenance to continue working properly. Otherwise, it will wear thin over time.


To prevent this from happening, you can purchase lens treatments that can — if applied regularly — significantly extend the life of your vehicle’s factory lens treatment. You can shop for auto parts and products in person at any Vern Eide Motorcars location, or submit a parts request form on our website.


If your lights are already too worn, it may be too late for preventative maintenance. If this is the case, you’ll notice your headlights have begun to look cloudy. When this happens, it causes the light from your headlamp bulbs to scatter rather than remain focused on the road. It can also create harsh glares for other cars. So not only will your visibility be impaired, but the visibility of other drivers can also be affected.


Overall, cloudy headlights make for a dangerous situation on dark roads.


If your headlights become too cloudy, your safest solution may be to have them replaced. However, there could be another — more affordable — solution.


If you’re a driver in the Sioux Falls area, you should head to your local Vern Eide Motorcars for Headlight Restoration Service. For your convenience, we have multiple locations in the region. Our Service Team is fully trained and equipped to provide all makes and models with service and repairs.


Now, there are some “home remedy” solutions you can find on the internet, such as cleaning your headlights with toothpaste or insect repellent. But these are short-term solutions at best. And they can actually damage the headlights or your vehicle’s finish.


Here at Vern Eide, we treat our customers the way we want to be treated. That’s the EIDE Effect. So when you trust us to complete your headlight restoration, know that we will properly sand the lens to remove damaged plastic, polish the surface to restore clarity and remove scratches, and then retreat the headlight with a protective coating like the one that your manufacturer used the day your vehicle rolled off the assembly line.


If it’s time to have your headlights restored, schedule service online or call your local Vern Eide Motorcars today. We look forward to earning your business!

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