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Genuine Honda CR-V Accessories

Our Honda CR-V customers often want their compact crossover to stand out. It is our job at Vern Eide Honda of Sioux Falls, SD to provide our customers with the highest quality of genuine Honda CR-V accessories. We understand that all Honda CR-V drivers are unique. Our customers purchase genuine accessories because of different driving habits, personal needs, and driving conditions.


When talking with our customers, there are several reasons that they give when purchasing genuine accessories for their Honda CR-V:


  • Want to transform their vehicle into something “that stands out”
  • Improve the vehicle’s performance with new air intakes, pullies, exhaust, or headers
  • Customize the interior with new pedals, steering wheel, knobs, seats, or stereo
  • Increase comfort with accessories, such as heated seats, cup holders, or GPS system


If you are thinking about customizing your compact crossover, it is important to make sure that the accessories are genuine. There is only one way to guarantee that your accessories are the best: only purchase products that are manufactured using the highest quality of materials sold at a trusted Honda service center. Our professional staff of certified technicians is on standby to help our customers select and install genuine Honda CR-V Accessories.

Honda CR-V Genuine Accessories


When customizing a Honda CR-V, it does not matter if your vehicle is new or used. At Verne Eide Honda, we provide genuine accessories for any Honda CR-V that can help our customers improve, maintain, and provide a distinguished look for their vehicle. Genuine Honda CR-V accessories can help a new or used compact crossover stand out.


Before you purchase an accessory, ensure that you are purchasing with a trusted retailer. This is the only way that our customers can ensure that the accessory with fit nicely to achieve the desired look and performance. Bring your new or used Honda CR-V to the Vern Eide Honda service center to explore your vehicle’s customization options. We only carry genuine Honda CR-V accessories that meet all material standards and specifications.

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