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Fuel Economy Service

Fuel prices seem to ebb and flow, up one week and down the next. But one thing’s for sure. It’s been a general upward trend for the last decade, and things show no signs of changing.


To keep up with this, auto manufacturers have made vehicles more and more fuel efficient. But as a responsible driver, you’ll still want to get the most out of your vehicle’s fuel economy.


Here at Vern Eide Motorcars, we’re here to help you do just that! We are dedicated to providing drivers in the Sioux Falls area with affordable and effective fuel economy services.


These services include, but are not limited to;

  • Tire Inflation – Each tire that is under-inflated by 10 psi reduces fuel economy by about 3.3%. Because tire pressure goes down every month (more so in extreme cold), regular tire inflation will improve your fuel economy by as much as 10%.
  • Tire Alignment and Rotation – Misaligned tires can reduce show reduce fuel efficiency by as much as 31 cents per gallon. It causes uneven tire wear, which can result in dramatically lower gas mileage. Tires should be balanced and rotated according to the vehicle’s owners manual to improve tire performance and fuel economy.
  • Engine Tune Up – A proper tune-up can boost gas mileage by 4%.
  • Genuine Brand Oil – Using the oil specified for your car saves your gas mileage by up to 2%. Buying Acura certified fluids will help your Acura run more efficiently.
  • Battery Corrosion Service – A corroded battery will keep your vehicle from running cleanly and efficiently, hindering gas mileage.
  • Air Filter Replacement – Driving with a dirty engine air filter can steal up to two miles per gallon from you. Changing a dirty filter can improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency by up to 10%.
  • Spark Plug Replacement – Spark Plugs ignite the air/fuel mixture in the engine’s combustion chamber. New spark plugs can result in your vehicle running cleaner and more efficiently. This can be done during your fuel induction cleaning service.
  • Oxygen Sensor Replacement – Replacing a faulty oxygen sensor can help you save up to 40% on fuel.

Vern Eide makes it easy to bring out the very best in your car, van, truck, or SUV. For your convenience, we have multiple locations in the region. We regularly service drivers from Sioux Falls, Brookings, Madison, Luvern, Rock Rapids, Lennox, and the surrounding areas.


We offer full services for Acura, HondaMitsubishi, and all make and model vehicles. Our service team will always use the best parts and products to restore your vehicle to exact factory specifications.


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