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Your vehicle’s engine relies on a balanced mixture of oxygen and gasoline in the combustion chamber to run properly.


The fuel filter serves to provide the proper amount of gas while simultaneously keeping out debris, dirt, bugs, and other contaminants that can damage the engine and affect vehicle performance.


Here at Vern Eide Motorcars, we treat our customers the way we want to be treated. That’s the EIDE Effect. And it’s why we make it so easy to purchase all the parts you need to keep your vehicle running smoothly. That includes your fuel filter.


When it’s time to get a new fuel filter, you can order online using our parts request form. You can also shop in person at one of our multiple locations in the Sioux Falls region.


When you shop with us, it doesn’t matter what make or model vehicle you drive. We offer full services and parts options for Acura, Honda, Mitsubishi, and all other make and model vehicles. Choose from the best OEM and Comparable Associated Aftermarket Products.


Unsure whether or not you need a new fuel filter? Consult your owner’s manual to see when it is recommended for you to replace or have your fuel filter replaced by a professional.


But keep in mind, this service schedule operates as a general plan and is not set in stone. Based on how heavily you drive your vehicle, and the daily driving conditions you face, you may need to replace your fuel filter sooner than is suggested.


Keep an eye out for these warning signs that you need a new fuel filter:

  • Hesitation During Acceleration
  • Stalling While Driving
  • Engine Won’t Start
  • The Engine is Difficult to Start
  • Vehicle Displays Different Levels of Performance at Different Speeds
  • Reduced Fuel Efficiency
  • Engine Misfiring  


If you continue to drive using a dirty or damaged fuel filter, your vehicle can suffer engine damage and you can feel the sting of expensive repairs down the road. Neglecting your fuel filter can result in erratic vehicle performance, poor gas mileage, and even complete engine shutdown.


Keep your car, van, truck, or SUV running better, longer. If it’s time to have your fuel filter replaced, come to a Vern Eide Motorcars near you. We regularly service and provide parts for drivers from Sioux Falls, Brookings, Madison, Luvern, Rock Rapids, Lennox, and the surrounding areas.


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