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The fuel pump does just that, pump fuel from your cars fuel tank to the engine and is essential for all vehicles running on the road. If your fuel pump is not functioning properly, you could be looking at complete engine failure. Make sure you can spot the warning signs:


  • Your engine won’t start – This usually occurs if you do not pay attention to the following warning signs. Eventually, your engine will refuse to start without the proper fuel getting pumped to the engine correctly for ignition. Your engine will rev and crank but never catch when you turn the key.
  • Rising temperature gauge – If there is a dramatic rise in your temperature gauge and your vehicle stalls it may be a fuel pump issue.
  • Engine sputters at high speed – When you are driving at a constant high speed and your car sputters then resumes regular performance, this is the best indicator of a fuel pump failure warning sign.
  • Loss of power – This can occur when you are putting your vehicle under stress, like climbing a hill or hauling heavy cargo. Your fuel pump is not in the condition to keep up with the stressing fuel demands.
  • Fuel pressure gauge – Check your vehicle’s owners manual and see what the gauge should read when it is performing properly. Reve your engine and anything less means that your fuel pump is in need of immediate service.
  • Reduction in gas mileage – Pay attention to the frequency that you fill up your gas tank. There is a relief valve on your fuel pump and if it is failing to open more fuel will become necessary to flow to the engines system.


If you are unsure, don’t delay come by one of our convenient locations around the Sioux Falls area and have a certified technician take a look at your fuel pump, or give us a call at (605) 274-7900 and one of our knowledgeable service advisors can help with any questions or concerns. If you like to do your own vehicle maintenance, swing by one of our Parts Centers and get in and out fast with the exact fuel pump for your vehicle at a great price. At all of our Vern Eide locations in the Sioux Falls area, we treat you like we would like to be treated. Get unmatched service and fair prices every time!

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