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Professional Full Auto Painting

If you’re looking to touch up the paint on your vehicle, need paint repairs after an accident, or would like to customize the look of your car, van, truck, or SUV, Vern Eide is the place to go!


When you need your vehicle painted, we make it easy and affordable for you to get the job done right. We offer full auto painting for customers in the Sioux Falls area.


Vern Eide Body Shop regularly serves the communities of Sioux Falls, Brookings, Luvern, Madison, Rock Rapids, Lennox, or surrounding areas. 


Our Trained Technicians are trained and equipped to paint all make and model vehicles.


But why have your vehicle professionally painted, when it’s something you can do yourself? Can’t be that hard? Right?


Five Reasons To Have Your Car Professionally Painted

  1. The Right Equipment – Some people don’t realize the amount of equipment that is required to properly and safely paint an automobile. Special paint guns are only one piece of necessary equipment. You also need a properly ventilated paint booth, a paint mixer, a compressor, body materials and tools, sanders, tape, paper, etc. Materials that can typically only be found at a professional body shop like Vern Eide.
  2. Expertise – If you’ve ever painted a wall or a piece of furniture, you know it’s easier said than done to have everything looking the way it should. Auto painting is a skill unlike any other, and it takes many years to get it right. Then there is the expertise required to complete the bodywork necessary in paint prep. A body tech spends many years learning the back-breaking work of fixing dents and replacing bumpers properly. You could have the best painter in the world, but without proper bodywork completed by a professional, the vehicle won’t look good. Even if your car doesn’t need body work, proper preparation is critical. The car must be sanded, primed, and taped properly before painting ever begins.
  3. Color Matching The Paint – Professionals like the certified technicians at Vern Eide have computers to aid in determining the exact factory colors of a vehicle and then match that color exactly. An amateur paint job will often result in a multi-toned look, without two-toned intent.
  4. Indoor Environment and Proper Ventilation – At your local Vern Eide location, your car will be painted indoors in a paint booth. This is a dust free, clean environment, which ensures your paint job will be smooth and contaminant free upon completion.
  5. Environmentally Safe Disposal of Materials – Vern Eide Motorcars is properly licensed paint and body shop. We have contracts with certified companies who pick up and properly dispose of all solvents, leftover paint, and other hazardous materials.


Auto painting is a refined skill and a delicate process. To ensure your vehicle has the finished look you desire, trust the professionals at your local Vern Eide Motorcars!


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