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High Mileage Service

All vehicles require regular maintenance to continue performing and ensure a longer lifespan. From oil changes to filter replacements, every service is important, and neglecting to get these services completed in a timely manner could cause major damage and costly repairs.


Your owner’s manual will include a regular service schedule for your car, truck, van, or SUV. Following this schedule can save your vehicle and save you some headaches down the road.


You’ll find that your vehicle should receive some services more often than others. There are also certain mileage markers where you should have a range of services completed at once. These are your High Mileage Services. Here’s a general overview:


Your First Major Check-Up: About 15,000

  • Your first major service will generally come at about 15,000 miles or roughly one year after you’ve purchased your vehicle.
  • Expect to have the engine oil and oil filter changed, along with the engine air filter and the in-cabin air filter. This will ensure optimal gas mileage and keep engine contaminants at a minimum, while a new in-cabin air filter will keep your vehicle’s interior dust and contaminate free.
  • Wiper blades should also be inspected at this point and replaced as needed.
  • Understanding the items in your 15,000-mile service is important because this process will be repeated at all major services from this point on.


30,000 Mile Service

  • All services done at the 15,000-mile service will be repeated.
  • A new fuel filter.
  • Engine Coolant will be changed.
  • Steering and transmission fluids should be flushed out and replaced.
  • This service should be repeated every 30,000 miles to keep your vehicle in good health.


40,000 Mile Service

  • All services done at the 15,000-mile service will be repeated again.
  • This service will include familiar, commonly changed maintenance items such as an oil change and new oil filter.
  • The additional focus of this service will be on the car’s ignition system.
  • Spark plugs need to be replaced at 45,000 miles, or after you’ve had your vehicle for three years.
  • New ignition management system should also typically be fitted.
  • Brake fluid should be changed.
  • Brake pads need to be checked and replaced as needed.


The processes and recommended mileage markers for every auto care appointment will vary based on your vehicle’s exact make. But regardless of the care requirements, Vern Eide Motorcars has you covered.


We offer full High Mileage Services to all makes and models. We will only ever use the best OEM and high-quality aftermarket parts and fluids to restore your vehicle to exact factory specifications.


For your convenience, we have multiple locations in the Sioux Falls region. We regularly service drivers from Sioux Falls, Brookings, Madison, Luvern, Rock Rapids, Lennox, and surrounding areas.


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