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Radiator Repair or Replacement

Your vehicle’s radiator is a crucial component of its cooling system. The coolant from the engine moves to the radiator through tubes surrounded by small fins that direct airflow. The airflow cools the coolant that then flows back to the engine allowing all components to operate at the correct temperature.


Leaks can develop in different places like the hose, tubes, seams, and cores of the radiator. When this happens your engine will quickly overheat due to the radiator no longer functioning properly. You will want to be on the lookout for warning signs before it gets to this point leaving you stranded and maybe with extensive costly engine damage.


Warning signs your radiator needs repair or replacement:

  • A leaking radiator – a noticeable puddle forms when you are parked. Usually a bright green slimy puddle. Radiator fluid is hazardous and toxic so it should be cleaned up, but with safety precautions.
  • Drop in coolant level – It is normal to lose coolant over time. Make sure to top your coolant off, but if you are having to do this frequently you have a leak.
  • Discoloration or corrosion – An unchecked leak in your radiator can cause discoloration and corrosion to the radiator and close engine parts. This can lead to costly repairs and should be fixed immediately.
  • Frequent engine overheating – A leaking radiator can cause your engine to overheat frequently.
  • Malfunctioning radiator hoses – The hoses that connect to the radiator of your vehicle need to be checked periodically. They tend to wear out over time with splits and cracks, plus the connecting clamps can loosen with age due to the constant vibrations of the engine.


When you are dealing with radiator issues, most of the time it is best to replace the old radiator with a brand new one. Sometimes if you catch the problem early enough, repairs to the radiator are more cost-effective and sufficient.


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