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Suspension Service and Repair

A common misconception that the suspension system in a vehicle is all about having a smooth ride. This leads many people to assume suspension repairs aren’t as dire as other maintenance concerns, but this could not be further from the truth.


Any broken suspension part will have some negative effect on a vehicle’s handling, steering, or braking, and can endanger the driver, passengers, and others on the road.


In the best interest of your car and your safety to not to ignore suspension maintenance and repairs.



  • Car Rides Roughly – Most people can tell their shocks or struts are wearing out when they begin to feel every bump in the road, or when every bump seems to make the entire vehicle body “bounce.” A rough ride is a clear indicator that your vehicle’s suspension needs work.
  • Drifting or Pulling In Turns – With a failing suspension system, you’ll often feel the vehicle “drift” or “pull” when you’re turning. This means the shocks are no longer keeping the vehicle body stable against the centrifugal force of a turn, increasing your risk of a rollover.
  • Dips or “Nose Dives” When Stopping – When the shocks on your Acura are worn out, you’re likely to feel the vehicle body lurching forward and downward “nose” first when you apply the brakes. This can actually affect your ability to stop the car quickly, potentially causing an accident.
  • Uneven Tire Treads – If you notice the tread is wearing down unevenly on your tires, or if you notice random balding spots, this is often a sign of that your suspension isn’t holding the car evenly.
  • Damaged, “Oily” Shocks – If you can look under the vehicle, take a look directly at the shocks or struts. If they look greasy or oily, there’s a good chance that they are leaking fluid and therefore aren’t working properly. It’s probably time to get your shocks replaced.
  • Try the “Bounce Test” – If you suspect your suspension is going bad (perhaps due to one or more of the symptoms we mentioned above), try this simple test. With the car in park, press down on the front of the vehicle with all your weight. Bounce it a few times, then release. Do this again on the rear of the vehicle. If the car continues to rock or bounce more than 2-3 times after you release it, your suspension is wearing out.

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