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Tire Repair in Sioux Falls

Sometimes when you need tire service, something just feels off when you’re driving. But it’s not always so obvious when something is wrong. Be sure you’re paying attention to all warning lights on your dashboard. It is also important to perform regular visual checks of your tires.


There are five common signs to look out for, which can signify when you need tire service or replacement.

  • Tire Warning Light Comes On — When this happens, you should stop and put air in your tires yourself. However, if the light keeps coming on, you’ll want to bring your vehicle in for service.
  • Low Tire Treads — The tread on your tires should never fall beneath 1/16 of an inch (1.6 millimeters) in depth. If you regularly drive on wet, slick surfaces, you’d be better off with twice that much.
  • Cracks in the Sidewall — Look for cracks or cuts in the sidewall. These grooves will be distinct enough to be easily visible to the naked eye. This could signify your tire is developing a leak, or worse.
  • Bulges or Blisters on the Tire — Sometimes the outer surface of the tire begins to weaken, resulting in a bulge or blister that extends outwards from the rest of the tire surface. This weak spot can cause a sudden blowout.
  • Too Much Vibration — A certain amount of vibration is normal when driving, especially on poorly paved or gravel roads. But if the vibration feels excessive in comparison to what you’re used to, this can be an early indicator that your tires are wearing out or may even be misaligned.


If you’ve had a flat or blowout, or you think there may be a problem with one or more of your tires, head to a Vern Eide Motorcars location near you! We can help replace your tires when necessary, but we also provide full tire services. This gives you options that can save you money and get you back on the road quickly.


Our expert auto technicians will inspect the damage to your tires and determine whether or not tire repair may be a viable option for your situation. The solution to your problem may be as simple as a patch or a tire plug. If you have a leaking valve, a replacement can save you from having to purchase a new tire — or even a brand new set.


For your convenience, Vern Eide has multiple locations in the Sioux Falls area. We regularly service drivers from Sioux Falls, Brookings, Madison, Luvern, Rock Rapids, Lennox, and the surrounding areas.


Our team will only ever use the best parts and fluids to restore your vehicle to exact factory specifications.


Schedule your tire repair service with Vern Eide Motorcars today!

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