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4-Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment sometimes referred to as breaking or tracking, is part of standard vehicle maintenance that consists of adjusting the angles of your wheels to fit manufacturer specifications.


It is pivotal that your vehicle’s wheel alignment matches factory standards, which is why it’s important to receive this service from a technician trained to service your car, van, truck, or SUV’s specific make and model.


At Vern Eide Motorcars, our technicians are trained and equipped to work on all make and model vehicles.


You can trust our experts to have your vehicle back to pique driving condition if our wheels have been knocked out of alignment.


5 Everyday Things That May Throw Your Wheel Alignment Out of Whack

  1. Hitting Curbs
  2. Zooming Over Speed Bumps
  3. Hitting Potholes
  4. Getting Into an Accident


Unsure whether or not your wheel alignment is off?


5 Signs Your Wheels are Out of Alignment

  1. Uneven Wear on Your Tire Treads – Check that the wear on the front tires matches. Then do the same for the back tires. If they appear the same on both sides, your car is likely aligned. If they do not, there are possible misalignment issues.
  2. Your Vehicle Veers to One Side – This can be a sharp pull to one side or a slight, steady pull to the left or right as you drive.
  3. Steering Wheel Vibration – This can be caused by misalignment, resulting from your tires pulling in opposite directions of each other.
  4. Crooked Steering Wheel – If you’re driving with your steering wheel held off center, this is a sign of misalignment. People often do this subconsciously. The next time you drive, make a conscious effort to determine the angle of your steering wheel while driving straight forward.


If you live in the Sioux Falls region, and you think your car’s wheels are out of alignment, there’s no better place in the area to get service than your local Vern Eide dealership!


For your convenience, we have multiple locations in around your area. We regularly service drivers from Sioux Falls, Brookings, Luvern, Madison, Rock Rapids, Lennox, or surrounding areas.


At Vern Eide dealerships, we treat our customers the way we would like to be treated. You can trust our service team to provide solid answers and fast solutions for all of your alignment concerns.

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