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At Vern Eide Motorcars, we operate under what we call the EIDE Effect. That means we treat our employees, community, and customers the way we would like to be treated.


In trusting Vern Eide Motorcars with your auto repair and customization needs, you can trust we’ll get the job done right.


Every service we offer comes with an assurance of satisfaction. So if you’re looking to enhance the look and performance of your vehicle through window tinting, look no further than your local Vern Eide Motorcars location.


Top Reasons To Tint Your Vehicle

  • Reduce Heat – Window film filters out sunlight and can keep the interior of your vehicle up to 60% cooler. Reduced heat can also lower the strain on your engine and air conditioning system.
  • Protect Your Skin – Harmful UV rays from the sun can cause skin burn and ultimately lead to skin cancer. Window tint provides protection from up to 99% of this UVA and UVB radiation.
  • Prevent Cracking and Fading – Long-term exposure to the sun and UV rays can cause your upholstery to fade and crack over time. Window tint blocks out these UV rays, protecting your car’s interior from aging and damage.
  • Accident Protection – In an auto accident, window tinting can help shattered glass hold together. This protects passengers from sharp shards of broken glass.
  • Enhanced Privacy – Tinting can protect your privacy and your belongings. Potential thieves are often deterred from breaking into a vehicle if they are unable to see any valuable items that might be inside.
  • Safer Driving – Tinted windows reduce the glare of the sun during the day and the glare of headlights at night, helping you to drive more safely.


In summary, each of our tinting films reduces heat and glare, making your ride more comfortable and improving visibility as you drive. They also block up to 99% of harmful UV rays. These features keep you cooler, protect your vehicle’s interior, combat skin cancer, and create an overall better driving experience.


Our team of certified technicians ensures each job is custom tailored to create the look and feel you desire.


We utilize the latest in window tinting methods and technology to ensure the highest quality look and performance.


Our back windows are installed in one piece, and we use micro-edge methods for roll-up windows. These techniques guarantee there are no large gaps between the film and the window.


Our Factory Trained Technicians are trained and equipped to service all make and model vehicles.


For your convenience, we have multiple locations in your area. We are proud to serve Brookings, Sioux Falls, Luvern, Madison, Rock Rapids, Lennox, or surrounding area drivers. 


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