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Mitsubishi Oil Change

Regular Oil Change Benefits

Replacing old oil with new Mitsubishi oil is one of the best ways to prolong your vehicle’s life. The engine’s longevity is supported by high-quality oil. We understand at Vern Eide Mitsubishi that helping our customers maximize their vehicle’s life is good for business. Your Mitsubishi car, truck, van, or SUV’s engine health improves with new oil that removes old particulates that create more friction and heat in the engine. The Vern Eide Mitsubishi Service Center has all of the specialized equipment and expert staff to meet your vehicle’s oil change needs.

Mitsubishi Oil Change Service

Oil and oil changes are not created equal. By matching Mitsubishi approved oil with certified service technicians, we can ensure that our customers received the greatest bang for their buck when bringing their Mitsubishi in for routine oil change service. We recommend using Mitsubishi approved oil and factory trained service technicians to guarantee your Mitsubishi’s performance. While some vehicle owners dedicate significant time and labor to change their vehicle’s oil, the highest-quality service is only delivered by expert technicians with specialized training and experience with your specific Mitsubishi model.

There are many benefits to new Mitsubishi approved oil in your vehicle:


  1. Longevity – High-quality oil replaced routinely promotes engine life
  2. Lubrication – New oil’s viscosity maximizes oil performance by decreasing friction and heat versus old oil with particulate build up.
  3. Fuel Efficiency – Because new high-quality Mitsubishi oil increases lubrication, the engine will not have to work as hard compared to when there is old oil with increased friction. New oil increases lubrication, decreases friction and heat and reduces fuel consumption.
  4. Cooler Engines in the Summer – Summer months increase ambient temperatures that threaten your Mitsubishi’s oil quality. The increased ambient temperature can break down oil quicker as the oil is exposed to greater temperatures.
  5. Keeps the Engine Cool – The summer months provide higher ambient temperatures that threaten engine performance. New oil helps keep engine temperatures down through decreased friction among engine components.


At Vern Eide Mitsubishi, we strive to give our customers the best service. We recommend having your vehicle’s oil changed at regular service intervals to ensure peak performance. The risks associated with old oil are far too great to ignore. Bring your Mitsubishi to our Sioux Falls Service Center to replace your old oil Mitsubishi approved oil. Verne Eide Mitsubishi’s team of service technicians have been certified to meet your vehicle’s oil change needs.

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