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Mitsubishi Tires

Mitsubishi manufactures several popular car, crossover, and SUV models. Mitsubishi vehicles are sold and serviced at Vern Eide Mitsubishi Service Department in Sioux Falls, SD. Mitsubishis have been designed for safety and providing passengers a higher quality drive experience. One of the advantages offered to Mitsubishi owners is a smooth driving experience. At the core of the smooth driving, the advantage is high-performance tires approved by the manufacturer. By installing approved tires on your Mitsubishi, our customers can guarantee that their tires meet the manufacturer’s specifications. The only way to know that you are getting peak performance from your vehicle is by replacing old tires with new manufacturer approved Mitsubishi tires.

New Tire Benefits


New tires offer the best performance outcomes for our Mitsubishi customers. Mitsubishi vehicles have been designed to give our customers a high-quality driving experience. However, we know at Vern Eide Mitsubishi that taking care of your own tire needs is a time-consuming and labor-intensive proposition. We have a fully equipped Mitsubishi Service Center in Sioux Falls, SD staffed with a team of certified Mitsubishi service technicians.


There are many benefits that our customers receive when installing new Mitsubishi certified tires:


    1. Safety: New certified Mitsubishi tires improve safety through better traction, braking distance, handling, and decrease risks associated with a tire blowout
    2. Efficiency: New Mitsubishi tires improve gas consumption compared to old tires
    3. Drive Experience: New Mitsubishi certified tires offer a smooth ride that improves the overall driving experience


Mitsubishi Recommended Tires


Mitsubishi is an automobile manufacturer with several high-quality models. Certified Mitsubishi Service that maximizes value for our customers is our primary objective at Vern Eide Mitsubishi Service Center in Sioux Falls. We recommend installing certified tires on your Mitsubishi because tire performance has been tested in a laboratory as well as in adverse driving conditions. Certified Mitsubishi tires are guaranteed to meet the manufacturer’s material and dimension specifications, which cannot be guaranteed when installing off-brand tires. This means that the only way Mitsubishi owners know that they are receiving peak performance from their tires is by replacing old tires with new Mitsubishi approved tires.


The best way to maximize tire performance and passenger safety is to install approved tires for your Mitsubishi. Bring your Mitsubishi to the Vern Eide Mitsubishi Service Center in Sioux Falls to receive the best care for your car, truck, van, or SUV. Our team of certified Mitsubishi technicians are on standby to complete a thorough tire inspection and replace any old tires with new approved Mitsubishi tires.

Mitsubishi Service Center Amenities:

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