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Muffler & Exhaust System Service

Your vehicle’s exhaust system serves to quiet your engine and control emissions. It prevents harmful gases from entering the environment and even stops noxious fumes from getting inside the cab of your car, truck, van, or SUV.


Many people who are unfamiliar with the inner workings of automobiles attribute all of the exhaust system’s workings to the muffler and tailpipe. But, while these components are important, there are actually several parts that must work together to get the job done right.


Exhaust System Components

  • Exhaust Manifold – The exhaust manifold is attached to the engine at the cylinder head and is responsible for collecting gases produced during combustion. After that, it delivers those gases to the exhaust pipe.
  • Oxygen Sensor – The vehicle’s computer is continually measuring the air/fuel mixture in the engine. The oxygen sensor measures the amount of oxygen in the exhaust and alerts the computer so it can determine how much fuel to send to the combustion chambers.
  • Exhaust Pipes – The tailpipe is just one of many exhaust pipes. They start at the front of the engine and carry the exhaust through the entire system.
  • Catalytic Converter – Carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides are converted into water vapor and less harmful gases.
  • Muffler – If you’ve ever had to replace a bad muffler, you know that its job is to “silence” the loud noises produced during combustion.


Each of these parts must be in working order for your exhaust system to work properly.


The most common problems faced by your exhaust system are rust and corrosion, though some other issues may also present themselves.


Here at Vern Eide Motorcars, our expert technicians are fully trained and equipped to service, repair, or replace your muffler and all other exhaust system parts as needed. We will only ever use the best OEM and high-quality aftermarket parts and fluids to restore your vehicle to exact factory specifications.


For your convenience, we have multiple locations in the Sioux Falls region. We regularly service drivers from Sioux Falls, Brookings, Madison, Luvern, Rock Rapids, Lennox, and surrounding areas.


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