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Rotating your vehicle’s tires – periodically changing their position on the vehicle from front to back and/or side to side – comes with three main benefits:


  1. Tire rotation can preserve your vehicle’s balanced handling and help maintain tire traction. This is especially important when roads are slick from rain, sleet, or snow.
  2. Many tire manufacturers require regular rotation in order to keep your tire warranties valid.
  3. Rotating your tires helps even out wear on the tires themselves. By allowing every tire to work in each of the vehicle’s four positions, you’ll ensure they all receive the same amount and types of wear. This prolongs tire life, saving you hassle and money in the long run.


You can determine how often to rotate your tires by using one of two standard methods:

  1. Check your owner’s manual and find the manufacturer’s recommended tire rotation interval. This interval will be determined by the make and model of your car. Many manufacturers recommend rotating your tires after 5,000 miles. An easy way to remember when to have your tires rotated is to schedule tire rotation with every other oil change.
  2. Visually inspecting your tires is another way to tell whether it’s time to have your tires rotated. If there is uneven wear on the front, rear, left, or right side of your vehicle, it’s time to have your tires rotated.
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Vern Eide Motorcars is proud to employ technicians trained and equipped to service all make and model vehicles.


Our professionals will be able to tell when the tires on your specific make and model need to be rotated. And we’ll have the tools to get it done right.


For your convenience, we have several locations in your area. We service drivers from Sioux Falls, Brookings, Luvern, Madison, Rock Rapids, Lennox, or surrounding areas.


At Vern Eide dealerships, we treat our customers the way we would like to be treated. You can trust our service team to provide solid answers and fast solutions for all of your tire related concerns.


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